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How to prepare for triathlon.

By Jean Claude “JC SPORT”! April 7, 2016

Combination of swimming, biking and running of course!

First important thing is to know your goal of participating in triathlon, what you are expecting and what kind of results you want to reach.

But if you want to take part in a triathlon sport competition, it requires consistent preparation for at least 3 months.

You need to concentrate on training your legs for a triathlon because legs are the most used in all 3 disciplines.

Most of the people find swimming the most difficult of all 3. Because swimming is the most challenging to anyone except those who have swimming background. So, my recommendation is to swim in open water (Lakes or Sea) mixed with some pool sessions. Preferably with a group.

As a professional, physical coach and ex. professional athlete, I would say training your physical strength and especially the core is one of the most important thing for triathlon sport. The mental part is very important to prove yourself how much you want to reach your set goal and finish the race.

My friend, professional Triathlete and Triathlon champion Jarand Fjeld recommended a few good online coaches for the use to get prepared for Triathlon. There is a great number of online coaches out there. Below you will find my favorites which have several great software solutions for coaches and athletes available.

  1. trainingpeaks.com
  2. strava.com
  3. swimsmooth.com
  4. mcmillanrunning.com
  5. bestbikesplit.com

Others include Nike, Under Armor (Mapmyfitness), Endomono and Garmin.


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